An old married couple who have been together for a long time and are holding hands while the waiter takes their order.

Sol does a lot of his sculpting at the Veterans Administration in New York City. He sees a lot of pain and grief, but he was able to capture a moment in a veteran's life where definite progress was being made. This man has been in a wheelchair for a while and with therapy, he is now able to walk with crutches, while a nurse is standing by encouraging him in his efforts.

This sculpture is owned by an occupational therapist who worked at the Veterans Administration. She told Sol how much she loved the ballet, and in appreciation for all her help and encouragement, he created this piece for her. He even attended the ballet so that he could get some perspective on the dancers. It is a departure for Sol.

A child is caught between his mother and father as they battle it out. We could have wished that they would argue outside of his hearing, but how many times do tempers flare, and how many times do innocents get hurt? The little boy is trying to make peace between the two combatants, with very little success.

A fun moment in the life of a little girl; putting on her mothers clothing, shoes and hat, and looking at her finery in the mirror.

Sol captures an everyday event where his wife is feeding one of their pets.

Carved and painted wood. The kite string is made of flexible wire and when touched, the kite reacts like a mobile.

A friend of Sol's had two dogs, Fred and Lucy, both females. Fred was a character because when she wasn't eating, she had a tennis ball in her mouth at all times. You were expected to throw the ball so that she could fetch it and bring it back, so that you could throw it, so that she could fetch it, etc. She could do this all day. Sol created this sculpture where a young boy is building a house for Fred, and Fred has given up her beloved ball in favor of the hammer, the dog house being her priority at the moment.
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